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上海文樂生物科技有限公司提供ABCAM公司全線產品 中國區域代理商
Abcam的名字來自antibody和the University of Cambridge的綜合,abcam初期的主要成功來自 Chromatin antibodies , loading control antibodies and GFP antibodies 。后來,由于越來越多的人加入和風險投資的支持,abcam得到了迅速的發展。至今,abcam可以提供上萬種高質量的抗體。Abcam不僅提供全面人性化的在線電子目錄,而且提供用戶使用這些抗體的心得體會。
Abcam公司位于英國的劍橋科學園,成立于1998年. 公司的愿景是提供優質的產品,更完善的客戶服務,幫助科研人員快速地找到研究所需要的最好抗體. 公司在網站內設立了在線電子目錄,客戶數秒內就能找到所需產品.幾年來,公司向世界各地的五十多個國家提供了上萬種產品.公司秉持的三大理念使成千上萬的科研者把Abcam作為自己的首選,那就是提供充分的信息支持,免費的技術幫助和快速的物流配送. 該公司提供多種第一抗體,可應用于包括染色質、神經科學、DNA損傷和修復等廣闊的研究領域,還有抗13個不同物種的全面的第二抗體,幫助選擇你所需要的熒光標記物。公司的輔產品包括全系列的溶菌液、載片組織。該網站提供包括產品目錄、購物籃、職業和資源等在內的相關信息。 
The idea for Abcam came early in 1998 out of a laboratory in the University of Cambridge, UK. The principal founder Jonathan Milner was working as a Post-Doctoral researcher studying the newly discovered breast cancer protein BRCA2 in Professor Tony Kouzarides laboratory. The project slowed because of problems finding quality antibody reagents that had honest and up to date information about their uses and limitations. It was frustrating. It was then that Jonathan and a number of other people in the laboratory, came up with the idea for a web-based antibody company of like-minded scientists. Tony invented the name which is a hybrid of antibody (ab) and Cambridge (cam). The idea was that Abcam would sell the best antibodies in the world with the most comprehensive, honest and up-to-date datasheets, fast delivery and helpful customer service & technical support. It was a tough vision!
A lucky break came when Jonathan met and discussed the idea with Dr David Cleevely (a Cambridge telecoms entrepreneur) who was smart (or some said crazy!) enough to join him in the venture. So in the summer of 1998, Jonathan left the world of academia to work full-time on Abcam, which he describes as the scariest thing he has ever done. Initially Abcam had a small amount of money from David, family, friends and Jonathan (after re-mortgaging his house; he has a very understanding wife!), but they realized that they needed a big injection of capital to build a website to accomplish the vision and increase production of Abcams own antibodies. A business plan was written and the Directors went out confidently to raise money from venture capitalists. However, the next couple of years were really tough as Abcam struggled to convince the VCs that a viable business could be built from such an idealistic vision.
Things were looking really bleak and Abcam needed to get some sales quickly, so Jonathan took an ice-bucket full of popular antibodies around the University of Cambridge laboratories in order to get friends and colleagues to buy them, which they did (thanks guys!). Hence the legend of Abcams humble beginnings from an ice-bucket was born!
Our first notable successes arrived in the early part of the new millenium: Chromatin antibodies, loading control antibodies and GFP antibodies. Then we had two further lucky breaks. First, some local business angels (people from the Cambridge business community who wish to help technology businesses get started) were convinced to invest and second, some like-minded scientists and talented individuals were recruited (who form the basis of Abcams management team today) and this succeeded in boot-strapping the company through those difficult times. Of course there was also tremendous determination to prove that those venture capitalists were wrong and that a successful profitable company, that would also make a valuable contribution to life science researchers, could be built on such a business plan.
A lot of researchers ask where we got the idea for Molly the sheep. It was simply because Dolly the sheep was making headline news at the time, so we created the body out of a molecular space fill model and gave her antibody legs, and thus the molecular Dolly became Abcams Molly.
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